Elect Mike Price



Mike moved to Pender Harbour four years ago to be close to his family and to get away from the snow and ice of Ontario! He quickly joined volunteer groups to give back to the community that had welcomed him. He has been President of the Rotary Club, a Director of the Advisory Council and Co-chair of Pender Harbour Days. Now Mike has decided to go the next step and is running in the October municipal elections for the position of Director Area A on the SCRD. With his career background in senior leadership positions in Toronto municipal government he is well informed in the world of municipal operations.

Having watched the Pender Harbour community leaders becoming increasingly frustrated with decisions being made for Pender Harbour, instead of with, he decided to act locally and influence globally. Thus while many issues raised by the residents of Area A are under the jurisdiction of the federal and/or provincial governments the regional government (SCRD) can and should exert its influence on the other governments.

As the Director of Area A SCRD, Mike would regularly communicate to, and hear from, the tax paying owners right across Area A. Informed decisions at the SCRD Board can only be made with adequate local input and knowledge. If there is one key theme to Mike’s Campaign Plan it’s COMMUNICATE! Initially a Facebook page has been set up regarding the campaign and events. Later the page will become one tool in the communication toolbox.

The hot topic at the moment for the Region is some controversial wording in the redrafted Area A - Official Community Plan. A team of knowledgeable community leaders has been trying to have the document changed to reflect the collective wisdom of experts living in our community. Mike is in agreement with the approach being put forward and would continue to promote and support the revisions envisioned by the community.

Environmental Achievements

When living in Ontario:

  1. Started an Environmental Group in my home town of Markham, help raise over $250,000 in grants towards tree planting projects
  2. Supported environmental groups across Canada with expert knowledge in water infrastructure and supply
  3. Spent nice weeks in Philippines as a volunteer water expert through the Canadian NGO - Canadian Urban Institute

Since arriving in Pender Harbour 4 years ago I have been:

  • President of the PH Rotary Club with its numerous community and environmental projects
  • Director on the Board of PH Advisory Council, proposed the annual Volunteer Awards
  • Spearheaded the natural bank repairs on Garden Bay Road beside Garden Bay Lake
  • Initiated the repairs to the wooden dinghy dock at Garden Bay Marine Park
  • Support several local environmental groups

Communication Plan

Communication with the taxpayers of Area A is my top priority and currently during the campaign I have set up a Facebook page and this website. I will explore various options of delivery of my messages, especially through social media, to meet the needs of most residents.

The communication has to be two-way and therefore I will attend as many community meetings as possible to hear about concerns and ideas for the betterment of Area A. Every Friday lunch time I can be found at the Madeira Park Legion Hall at the weekly PH Rotary meeting. Often you will find me at the Eusperia café drinking coffee and networking! Unfortunately John Henry’s Café is closing for the winter or that’s another spot to find me.

There will be updates provided as I identify newsworthy items to relay during the campaign.

As an Elected Director I would ensure that regular two-way communication is maintained with as many people as possible, either through social media or the press. As a retiree I am unemployed, have limited active community roles and, therefore, have plenty of time to devote to the potential job of Director Area A.