Elect Mike Price


Many of the concerns raised by residents and tourists of Area A are actually under the jurisdiction of the provincial or federal governments. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Poor Roads (provincial)
  2. Dock Management Plan (provincial)
  3. Ferry Dependent (provincial)
  4. Live A-Boards (federal)
  5. Derelict Boats (federal)
  6. Shellfish Poaching (federal)

Issues related to the SCRD are:

  1. Concern about the wording in the newly revised OCP going forward without true public consultation for the final version
  2. Lack of long term rental housing for young and old
  3. Lack of seniors housing to keep the elderly near their families
  4. Lack of local transportation in and around the community
  5. Lack of adequate pedestrian and cycle paths beside the roads
  6. Dependence on ferry for medical appointments with specialists in Vancouver
  7. Young folks leave the area after graduation due to lack of work and accommodation
  8. Many teenagers couch surfing due to lack of a home environment
  9. The Community with the second highest % of seniors in BC
  10. Only half of homes lived in year round
  11. Population virtually doubles in the summer tourist season causing shortage of service industry workers
  12. Lack of access to and signage of beaches, other than a couple of parks
  13. Illegal dumping on the trails and back roads
  14. Minimum amount of local recreational activities for the youth


As part of my Campaign Trail I have been attending the SCRD Committee and Board meetings since early September. Interesting information I discovered. Here are some high-lights.

The SCRD has introduced revisions to Zoning Bylaws to prohibit non-medical cannabis production facilities and retail locations from all Rural and Residential Zones! This does not cover the Commercial Zones in Area A.

The Egmont/Pender Harbour Official Community Plan – Third Reading, was unanimously approved at the Planning Committee on October 11, 2018. This will go to the next SCRD Board Meeting on October 25th 2018.

The residents of Egmont should be pleased that the recent Fire Underwriters Survey of the SCRD supported Fire Departments, showed a marked improvement for Egmont and should reflect positively in property insurance rates in the area serviced by the Egmont Fire Department volunteers.

The PODS proposed development application was introduced to the Planning Committee on October 11th 2018. More details need to be provided before approval can be given. The new SCRD Board will be dealing with this item.

On a road and Highway disruptive note, there will be water main replacement work in the South Pender water supply area, starting in mid-October and going through the winter. Rumour has it that the District of Sechelt will have sewer construction underway this winter as well. Watch your timing for the ferries!!