Elect Mike Price


Mike’s approach to dealing with some local issues;

  1. Concern about the wording in the newly revised OCP going forward without true public consultation for the final version - continue to support changes proposed by the community leaders
  2. Lack of rental housing for young and old - support current SCRD policies that encourage small and ancillary units. Promote new policies to generate more rental units
  3. Lack of seniors housing to keep the elderly near their family - seek more funding from other governments and local groups to build and operate seniors housing
  4. Lack of local transportation in and around the community - seek subsidies for programs such as ride share
  5. Lack of adequate pedestrian and cycle paths beside the roads - identify then work to eliminate the roadblocks to obtaining paths/trails on MOTI road allowance
  6. Dependence on ferry for medical appointments with specialists in Vancouver - support the local MPP to obtain priority access to ferry service for medical trips
  7. Young folks leave the area after graduation due to lack of work and accommodation - look for new job opportunities to be created
  8. Too many teenagers couch surfing - seek ways to increase community school support
  9. The Community with the second highest percentage of seniors in BC - seek out spokespeople to identify, prioritize and document the seniors needs
  10. Only half of homes lived in year round - find an adequate way to communicate with this underrepresented 50%
  11. Population virtually doubles in the summer tourist season causing shortage of service industry workers - identify ways to create small temporary summer accommodation units for rent to service industry workers in a central location
  12. Lack of access to and signage of beaches, other than a couple of parks - through SCRD Parks identify and sign some new beaches
  13. Illegal dumping on the trails and back roads - work with SCRD and provincial staff to mitigate this pollution
  14. Pender Ocean Discovery Station - will continue to support this worthwhile project for Area A
  15. Growing distrust by the Shishalh Nation towards Pender Harbour - encourage dialogue and projects we can jointly work on to achieve win win solutions